Teen Wiccan


My Imbolc Ritual

My Imbolc ritual is a bit different from most. Imbolc is one of my favorite sabbats and I thoroughly enjoy celebrating. I usually do my ritual in the morning, when the air is light and crisp.

This is best done outside, but if you really think it's too cold or it's raining, inside works just fine.

You need:
- 12 white candles (tealights are perfect)
- A vase or bowl filled with snow (if there is none put some ice in it)
- White flowers, preferably snowdrops.
- Your White Cloth (see Imbolc Traditions)
- God and Goddess candle
-Incense (lavender is good)

First I lay the 12 white candles in the shape of my circle, without lighting them. I cast my circle and light the candles as I cast.

Place the flowers in the snow-filled vase, and place the vase on top of the white cloth in the center of your circle. Light the incense. Light the goddess and god candles and invite them to your circle.

Make sure to wish them well in the new season and show them your appreciation. Express your happiness that light is returning and your excitement for the new season. Do any spell work you would like to do.

Close the circle.