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Casting a Circle

- In Wicca, a circle is used to create a sacred space. Most rituals or spell work will be done within the circle. Many witches choose to raise energy before the circle casting is done. This can be done in many ways. Some meditate. Others dance. Some sing or chant. There are many ways to raise energy, and the choice is personal.

- Each witch has a favorite way to cast a circle, and these ways vary. Some choose to use quarter candles, or one candle for each compass direction. Some choose to walk clockwise around the circle, starting at either North or East and call the guardians of each direction. As you grow, you will develop your own way of circle casting. Here are few common ways of casting a circle for you to build from.

This is an excerpt from a description of circle casting from CollegeWicca.com. Visit them! They're great!

"I personally call in the elements before casting the circle, then cast, then invite the deities.

Calling the elements (watchtowers, elementals, etc) can be really simple: "I welcome the Air to my circle"...you can say this in your head while visualizing a breeze blowing or whatever makes you feel like "Air" is specifically present. Traditionally, people go to the East side of the circle to call the Air first, then South and Fire, then West and Water, then North and Earth. Some people do it differently...that's where reading and research is necessary to find out different methods and decide what works best for YOU. However, there's nothing wrong with trying it different a few times until it feels right...something might sound perfect when you read it, but how you feel when you actually do it is the key.

Casting the circle...you can use a tool (wand, athame, sword, staff, etc.) or just your finger. I begin in the northeast again, point to the ground with a tool or my finger, and visualize a beam of light flowing from the tip to the ground. I walk clockwise around the circle, say something simple like, "I cast this circle to create a boundary between the world of man and the realm of the divine" while visualizing that beam of light trailing behind, forming a wall or shell that the divine and energies I allow can get through, but nothing that I want to block out can cross. When I get to the starting point, I sometimes will bend down and tap the starting point like I'm connecting the two ends, and say something to the effect of, "My circle is now cast and whole!"

Now that everything's all set up, I invite my guests of honor: The God and Goddess. Sometimes I choose particular deities, but usually I just work with them as "God and Goddess." I light a candle and welcome them in. Don't demand that they join you ("I SUMMON you to join me!")...and don't be meek "Hi, um...if you can, can you please join me?'). Know they will come and greet them like you're greeting an expected guest at the door. "I welcome you to my circle and thank you for providing your energies to my work/ritual/celebration." Give them a vessel in which they can stay...a candle, a statue, a picture of each one, a stone representing them, etc. I usually welcome the Goddess first.

Now's time for your purpose of casting a circle...be it for meditation, a sabbat or esbat ritual, a spell...

After the main working, I hold a simple feast...some food and drink to replenish myself. A slice of bread and a glass of juice works, and it's suggested that you leave a small libation for the energies you were working with. Bless your juice, pour some into a bowl, and then drink. Bless your bread, break off a piece and put it into the bowl, and then eat. You can leave it somewhere or bury it when you're cleaning up afterwards...the idea is to visualize that those energies who are your guests are partaking of the food's energy (though maybe not the physical matter) before you just toss it in the garbage.

When I'm done, I thank the deities in the opposite order in which I welcomed them. Again, it's thanking them for coming...not saying "The party's over, so GET OUT." When you feel they have left (though they are always present) snuff the candles. So for example: "Thank you, Lord, for joining me in this ritual. Merry Meet, merry part, and merry meet again. (Wait a moment, then snuff God candle...then move on to Goddess candle.)

Then I cut the circle and either "absorb" the light back into my tool or finger (while walking counter-clockwise) or I "erase" it. Again, when done, I say something that completes the action, "By my hand, this circle is now erased and this area is returned to the realm of man."

Then, I wave goodbye to the elements...go to the North and thank Earth for coming, then West and Water, then South and Fire, then East and Air.

Finally, I return to my altar and make some sort of statement that the ritual is now complete. I usually do some kind of action like ring a bell or snuff out the last candle that marks the final moment...like a judge using his gavel and saying "Case closed."

Oh...and don't forget to clean up your area when you're done.

You can make this even more simple by sitting in one spot, visualizing a shell of energy growing up around you, and welcoming the elements and deities in your mind. Or you can be more elaborate with dancing, a script of flowery language and all statements in rhyme...whatever works for you."

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"The method below requires no movement (though you can move if you want too), and can even be done in the midst of a crowd of people without them realizing just what it is you're doing. This is very useful if you begin to feel overwhelmed; you can cast the circle to shield yourself from excessive energy. Once you are comfortable with this technique, you'll be able to cast your circle at a moment's notice.

Begin by taking a moment to ground and center yourself. Focus on your internal center. This is the area roughly behind and slightly below your naval, or belly button. You need to find your own center, so take just a moment to do so. This may take some practice, so be patient with yourself. While centering, breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth.

Once you've found your internal center, visualize a small ball of energy, about the size of a golf ball, forming at your center. Visualize a small stream of energy coming up from the Earth to feed this ball. The color of this ball can vary depending on your preferences, and on the purpose of the circle. For general use, and for practice, use a white ball, which holds all of the colors.   ...

Once you have the small ball clearly visualized, begin to expand it. You'll want to do this slowly at first, too fast and you'll lose it. As you breathe out through your mouth, allow the ball to expand; as you breathe in through your nose, allow it to rest at that size. Continue to do this until the "); //]]>--> --> window.google_render_ad(); ball is begins to move outside of your body.

At this point, you may encounter some resistance (or you may not!) That's okay. Take a few breaths without expanding the ball, and then begin the expansion again. If at any point you feel resistance, take this same pause, breathing and allowing the energy to settle for a moment.

Continue to expand the ball until it is the size you need it to be. If you are casting the circle for a large ritual, then you will, of course, want a large ball. If you are casting for a mediation exercise, you may only want your ball to reach out enough to encompass your entire body.

When the ball, now a large sphere, has reached your desired size, stop expanding. Continue to breath steadily, in through your and out through your mouth. Visualize the flow of energy from the Earth begin to subside, and then stopping entirely. Visualize the sphere being sealed, so that no energy escapes. Take a moment to visualize the sphere become more solid, and state, either out loud, or in your mind, the intention that the sphere stay in place until you are ready to release.

Now you can begin your intended work.

When you are done, you will want to release the sphere. The process to do so is essentially the reverse of the casting process. Begin by focusing for a moment on your breathing; in through your nose and out through your mouth. Re-establish the connection between the sphere and the Earth. Visualize the energy of the sphere beginning to flow back into the Earth. As you breathe in, visualize the sphere contracting, getting smaller with each breath. Allow the sphere to rest with each exhalation. Continue this until the sphere is back to its starting size, and then visualize the sphere dissipating entirely. Ground and center yourself, and then go on your way."