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The Wiccan Altar

The Wiccan altar serves many purposes. It is a place for the Witch to focus magickal energies, a reminder of one's beliefs, a home for the divine, and a place to keep all of your supplies. The altar is an example of the versatility of Wicca. Each Witch creates his or her own altar, and no two will be the same. Some altars are on top of chests or tables, placed in a different direction for each season. Some altars are natural altars on top of old tree stumps, rockes, beside a creek, or in hollows of trees. Your altar can be anywhere you would like it to be. The most important thing to remember is to make it your own. Here are some examples of Wiccan altars:

Common Altar Tools

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Holds god energy. The Witch's athame is a usually black handled knife used for directing energy, typically in casting ritual Circles and recalling them. The knife does not need to be metal. It will not be used for any physical cutting, so it can be made of any material you would like. This is usually placed in the East.

Bell: The bell placed on an altar is the voice of the goddess. Ringing the bell brings you to the attention of the goddess. Bells can also be used to clear energy during a ritual.

Candles: Candles are often found on Wiccan altars. The two most common candles are the god and goddess candles. These are usually pillar candles, usually set in the center of the altar or on either side of the pentacle. These are used to invoke the dieties. Generally, a white or silver candle for the Goddess and a green or gold candle for the god can be used.

Chalice: Holds Goddess energy. The chalice is typically a glass or bowl that is round or curvy. A wine glass or silver cup can be used, but any curved container is fine. It is usually placed in the West. When it is not in use, the chalice usually holds purified water.

Dish: A small dish ready to receive offerings for the deities. Your cauldron can also be used for this purpose.

The Pentacle, a 5-point star within a circle, usually is placed in the center of the altar. The pentacle is one of the most important altar tools, offering protection and power in magickal work.

Representation of Air:
Some representation of air, commonly something scented like incense, essential oils, or smudges, or else a flying bird's feather goes in the East, to represent Air. Scents are used to cleanse an area energetically, call in certain powers, or help witches shift consciousness. Feathers can also be used to cleanse energy fields, and to fan incense or smudge smoke.

Representation of Earth: For the Earth element, in the North, stones and sometimes crystals are used.  These call Earth energy which help with grounding. Gem stones also carry certain energies which can be invoked by having them on your altar. Another option is to have elements of nature such as plants or animals represent Earth.

- These are the basic tools for someone just starting out. As a Witch continues on his or her path, the altar will change and develop. Many other tools are used on altars, and can add personal touches.

Source, and for more information: Wicca-Spirituality.com