Teen Wiccan


Substitutions for Common Altar Tools.
- For descriptions of altar tools, visit the altar page in reference and information.

Many teens don't have a job or allowance, and buying expensive altar tools may not be a possibility. Here I give you a list of cheap alternatives to common altar tools.


An altar does not have to be something man-made and indoors. Actually, most Witches find that they feel more connected to the earth if they have a natural altar that is outdoors. This is especially nice when the weather is warm. You can find natural altars anywhere. Some things that can be used are tree stumps, flat rocks, the flat area of ground next to a creek, or even just the ground in the middle of the woods. Just make sure you bring an altar cloth to protect you altar and your tools.


One of the best alternatives to buying an actual athame is getting your hands on a letter opener (left). Ask around to see if any relatives have a letter opener that they don't use. If you can't find one, a good place to look is the dollar store. You can often find very cheap ones that will work just fine as an athame.


Your chalice does not have to be a silver goblet. Anything that holds water will do. A curvy bowl or wine glass are perfect, and you likely have them in the house anyway. Just be careful and don't break your parent's china.


Incense is commonly used on the altar as a representation of air. A good substitution for this is a flying bird's feather. Most people can find these in their yards, but if not they are relatively cheap at craft stores, and will last a lot longer than a pack of incense.


The wand does not have to be ornate and made of metal. Many witches choose to pick an interesting looking stick or twig from the ground and clean it up a bit. It should usually measure from the inside of the elbow to about the end of your middle finger, but any length that you feel comfortable is fine.